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Gluten Free HHI

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We recently visited Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This was our second time there as a family, but this time was a bit different because we had to find gluten-free foods for our daughter. I will share all of the locations that we found.

Hilton Head Social Bakery

Delicious pastry from Hilton Head Social Bakery

This place was phenomenal! First, they offered pastries that were gluten-free and safe. My daughter told the cashier, and they gladly changed gloves for her before grabbing her a pastry. She felt completely safe eating from here and said it was delicious. Often it is hard to find homemade gluten-free treats, so our daughter usually has to eat prepackaged ones. She was excited to try a homemade one. She ordered a pastry with a macron as the base and topped with chocolate ganache and raspberry cream.

Al’s Aloha Kitchen

Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

Looking for a great place to grab lunch or breakfast? Try Al’s Aloha Kitchen! Here our daughter ordered a smoothie bowl. They also changed gloves and carefully prepped her bowl. She ate a Blue Majik smoothie bowl topped with cocoa nibs and coconut shreds. What is Blue Majik? It is a blue spirulina which is a blue-green algae. It is naturally gluten-free and highly nutritious. She felt completely safe and loved it.

Skull Creek Boathouse

Photo by Léo Roza on Unsplash

While Skull Creek Boathouse offers a gluten-free menu, they need to know more about it. My daughter ended up ordering ceviche. It came out with a side of tortilla chips which were thankfully separate because we found out that they are fried in the same fryer as gluten items which means she cannot have it. Unfortunately, she ate the ceviche alone but was starving afterward. Regrettably, they don’t offer enough gluten-free options. Thankfully, we asked about the chips, or our daughter would have gotten sick from eating them.

Salty Dog Cafe

Salty Dog Cafe offers gluten-free which excited our daughter. However, I absolutely cannot recommend them for a person with celiac. When we arrived, I asked about a gluten-free menu. The hostess explained they don’t have one for breakfast. Sometimes we will order plain eggs, sausage, and bacon if they cook them separately. Sadly, when I asked the waitress about the gluten-free sausage or bacon, and she said she she hadn’t tried them. Meaning she didn’t understand what I was trying to ask. I asked a few other things and still felt uncomfortable. In the end my daughter opted for plain yogurt with some fresh fruit, which seemed fine, but we cannot recommend them to anyone who has to eat gluten-free. However, this is a great place to visit to buy t-shirts.

What to do if Glutened?

If you are glutened the best option is to just wait it out. You can also test yourself with a gluten detection strip. These were recommended to us by our GI doctor at Washington Children’s hospital Celiac Clinic. Also, check out my other blog post How to (Successfully) Travel Gluten Free.

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