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Vienna Gluten-Free Guide

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Gluten-Free Mousse in Vienna Cafe

Of course as with any vacation, I have to find gluten-free for my celiacs kiddo! Check out my Bucharest Gluten Free Guide if visiting there. In Vienna, we decided that we wouldn’t be eating out much. First, the food in Vienna is very expensive. Secondly, my kids were sick of eating out after eating out in Bucharest. At home, we very rarely eat out, I enjoy cooking for our family. We also like to eat pretty clean. But how can you resist a good Viennese desert? I also learned the cappuccino was born here in Vienna! We found an organic grocer where I bought pork fillets and fresh veggies for dinner nightly. The pork was marinated in a delicious pesto marinade. We hit up one restaurant after I forgot European grocery stores close on Sunday. I hope my Vienna gluten-free guide is helpful to you!

Gluten-Free Cafes

  • Cafe Hofburg-Lots of gluten-free desserts here. My girls loved the mousse they ate. I enjoyed my cappuccino. We actually stopped here a few times.
  • Starbucks-Normally, I avoid Starbucks when traveling, but it was the first cafe we came across on our blustery day. They had a great gluten-free hot chocolate available.
  • Ströck-While this isn’t a traditional gluten-free place, they did have some grab and go options. We bought yogurt here a few times while we were out sightseeing. They had cheap cappaccinos and were located in some subway stations.

Gluten-Free Restaurants

  • Pizzeria Scarabocchio-Delicious gluten-free Italian. Also, the nicest people ever! Get the tiramisu-it is gluten-free and hands down one of the best ones I’ve eaten. The gluten-free pizza was delicious as well.
  • Allergiker Cafe-We didn’t get to try it, but have read a lot of reviews on the cafe. Sounds like a great place for anyone with an allergy.
  • Zum Wohl-Gluten-free and lactose free restaurant. One of the top rated restaurants in Vienna.

Gluten-Free Grocery Stores

  • Basic Austria Bio-Natural grocery store with lots of gluten free options. We personally loved the pork chops here. Some of the marinades on the pork were gluten-free, some were not, so just ask. They also had the freshest vegetables we have ever eaten. The tomatoes looked almost fake they were so beautiful! Great holistic medication section as well if you happen to get sick.
  • Interspar-Regular grocery store, but they carried an array of gluten-free options for cheap. The bread worked out to be about $2.50/loaf.

Gluten-Free in Vienna is relatively easy to find. Most Austrians speak English and are willing to help you out if you ask. I do highly recommend a gluten-free translation card though. We used one from celiactravel.com. Two phrases I quickly learned were “Gluten frei” (pronounced gluten fry) and “Sprechen sie Englisch?” (pronounced shpre-chen zee English?). I hope my Vienna gluten-free guide is helpful to you while traveling in Austria, but if you should find yourself sick after ingesting gluten, I suggest some charcoal tablets. We never had an issue eating in Vienna personally. The food was delicious, the people were incredibly kind, and the kids loved it. You can read about what we did in our four days in Vienna as well.

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4 years ago

Such an awesome guide!! Will share with all my gluten free friends!

4 years ago

With allergies it can be so hard to find somewhere to eat, so this is so helpful and appreciated! That mousse looks INCREDIBLE.

4 years ago

Great information for celiacs.

4 years ago

This is a great list of gluten-free restaurants! I know my kids will not complain if I get them a gluten-free pizza like that – looks delicious!

Tania Muthusamy
Tania Muthusamy
4 years ago

I very helpful guide for people with gluten intolerance, as it’s not always easy to know where to eat when travelling with allergies. That pizza looks pretty good!

4 years ago

LOve to go!

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