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Haputo Bay

How many people can say they have been to Guam? We recently took our kids on a surprise trip to Guam. They were completely flabbergasted when we arrived in Minneapolis and I told them that we were headed to Tokyo, then to Guam.  They looked at me completely stunned for a few seconds, then started cheering.

Sunset at Tumon

Guam, is an unincorporated territory of the United States that we gained during the Spanish American War.  The native people are the Chamorros.  It is part of the Mariana Islands, and is the largest island in Micronesia.  The Chamorros are now free, as they are Americans by birth.  There is a lot of really cool history on the island.

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My first thought, “It is so humid here!”  Suffocating hot y’all, at 1:30 am, mind you.  While we were on the beach I didn’t notice the heat and humidity because of the wonderful coastal breezes.

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Playing in the waters off of Tumon Bay

The water is crystal clear, just look out your window while flying in and you will see just how clear it is.  But you have to watch out because there are all kinds of creatures lurking in those waters, but the most common are the lion fish, stone fish, and man o war jellyfish.  My kids wore Teva’s and were just fine, but they sell these bootie shoe type things everywhere to protect your tootsies.

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Haputo to ourselves

Guam has an array of wonderful hikes, unfortunately we could only choose Haputo Bay.  To be honest, I was a nervous wreck, I was sure we’d run into the famous brown tree snake, or a wild boar.  Instead we met a ginormous hermit crab and a stunningly beautiful untouched beach.

IMG_0325 1
Two Lovers Point

Where to Eat:

The people of Guam were lovely and I cannot express enough gratitude for the few places that offer gluten free options for my daughter. One was the Sea Grill in Tumon Bay at the Outrigger Hotel, the other was a Jamaican Grill near Tumon also.  The locals were confused at some places as to what I meant by gluten free, so just be prepared if you go. Personally I recommend taking a loaf of bread at least so you can make yourself sandwiches if all else fails. The locals really did try to help us when they could.

Can’t be missed:

  • Two Lover’s Point: The Chamorro version of Romeo & Juliet. Go at Sunset for the best views.
  • Tumon Bay: Great snorkeling, go at sunset! Also check the calendar for the annual BBQ festival!
  • Underwater World: Great Little aquarium for kids of all ages.
  • Haputo Beach: Hike through the forest to the most beautiful beach.
  • Gab Gab was pretty nice too, the Navy practices on helicopters lowering people in and out of the water.  According to my kids the snorkeling was best here.
  • High End Shopping: Louis Vuitton, Chanel are just a few of them. It is like the Beverly Hills of Guam. Ms. Thing is my resident shopper, wants a LV Purse, but she returned home bagless.

Not worth the money:

  • Fish Eye Marine Park: Not impressive at all, we didn’t snorkel so maybe that’s why, but save your money. The windows are not very clear. It’s a complete waste of money if you are not snorkeling.
IMG_0126 1
Fish Eye down below, they had a few windows like this one, most were hard to see from.

Take Away:

Overall, a great trip! The sunsets are worth the long flight, and my kids fell in love with Tokyo on our layover. I’d love to go back and do more hiking and take the kids on more snorkeling adventures. The people are incredibly hospitable, and the local food scrumptious.  Go if you can.

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Until next time
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